Steam is the hub of gaming where games from all over the world come and play with each other. Steam is more like a community than just a gaming platform. If you are unaware of the top best cheap games on steam then stay with us till the end because in this article we have discussed four of such games that you can play right now.

If you cannot pay much for a game and you do not have deeper pockets then do not worry because we got your best. The following games are so cheap that any kid can literally buy them by saving some of their pocket money. So, without further ado let’s hop straight into it.

Prince of Persia 2008

If you are an old gamer and you do not have played Persia of Persia yet then it’s completely worth a try. The storyline of this game revolves around a fictional character who roams into the Middle Eastside. The game has enchanting sceneries and all the dialogues and visuals are extremely relaxing.

The game has different levels that revolve around a single storyline. The storyline is extremely long and there are many different parts of Prince of Persia that you can enjoy if you like it. Moreover, the game is extremely cheap and you can literally buy it at the cost of chocolates. So, if you have not played Prince of Persia yet then you are missing one of the best cheap games on steam.

Tomb Raider 2013

If you are already a Tomb Raider fan then you probably know Lara’s story. Lara is an absolutely brave woman that faces different challenges but still somehow manages to make it to the end. The game has excellent graphics and it also holds an AAA title.

The game world is semi-open where you can feel adventurous in your virtual life but it is not an open-world game, unlike Grand Theft Auto. The most beautiful thing about this game is its storyline and amazing graphics. You can enjoy it on low-end gaming computers as well. Tomb Raider 2013 is available for around $2.99 which is a pretty fair deal for amazingly cheap games on steam.

Mad Max

Have you ever thought of racing and battling in the world of Mads? If that’s what you like then Mad Max is probably one of the best cheap games on steam that you can play right now.

The game allows you to race on extreme cars and at the same time, you can have a hand-to-hand battle. The Mad Max world has its own rules but nobody follows them. The game is different than other typical racing games and you must try it because it’s extremely cheap on steam.

Among Us

This game became an internet sensation in the year 2020. If you are looking for a multiplayer game where you can have a lot of fun then nothing can really beat Among Us. The story revolves around an imposter that is hidden among other players in Among Us world.

The imposter secretly kills other players and players have to spot the imposter as soon as possible by checking different angles of cameras. The game has pretty simple rules and you will never get bored with your friends. You can also play it online with other random players and it’s probably one of the best cheap games on steam.

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