Who does not want to have fun whether it’s the real-world or your virtual gaming world? Well, if you are a gaming fan, looking here and there for some fun cheap games with cool graphics and storylines then stay with us till the end because we have collected some of the cheapest games that even a kid can afford from their pocket money.

Some of these games are extremely cheap while others might seem a little pricey according to your specified budget. So, choose your option wisely and start playing right now. Let’s have some fun:

Batman: Arkham City

So you are really ready to play the role of Batman? While there are different parts of Arkham just like any of the Batman movies or games but if you are specifically interested in Arkham City then congrats because your choice is pure gold.

The storyline of Arkham City is above and beyond any other games like Assassin’s Creed. The fight scenarios and everything else is much more improved here. You have to be the real Batman and you have to stay stealth for completing different missions in an open-world where you are free to roam and interact. If you want a mix of mystery, adventure and battles then Batman Arkham is probably one of the best fun cheap games to play.

Fallout: New Vegas

So you really want to jump into a whole new world? Well, Fallout is one of the best fun cheap games to take you there. We cannot deny that Fallout 3 and 4 are extremely amazing in terms of graphics and other stuff but nothing can really beat the level of Fallout New Vegas.

The gaming experience is at the extreme for all those gamers who love RPG and FPS. You are drawn into a whole different world where you can select from two sides to complete the whole story. The gunplay is extremely amazing and the world is full of uniqueness. You can buy and play this one for around $10 only.

Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2

Do you want to refresh your memories and have some fun playing Pacman? Well, if that’s what you want then here is a renewed version of Pacman where all ghosts are still behind to eat you. The graphics in this new Championship Edition are just amazing and the sound effects also give us those vibes that we used to have in our childhood.

This classic game is still a lot of fun to play and it will also take away all the stress you have in your mind. If you are a classical games fan then this is one of the most worthy fun cheap games to try.

Age of Empires II

Most of us have already played Age of Empires at some point in our lives but this newer version is much enhanced and better with the same strategic nature of this game. You have to conquer the world with your strategies and will power. The soundtrack still gives excellent vibes but it is now remastered in this new version.

The game is 21 years old now if we see its first release date but people love it to this date because it really helps us to have a look at the history and how areas are conquered with strategies. This is one of the most fun cheap games available right now and you are just going to love it.

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