There aremany benefits when you play PC games; these benefits include great high-frame rates, low priced, and customizability. If you are a PC gamer who is not searching for brand new releases, you can get loads of games without spending too much.

Right now, there are undoubtedly millions of cheap games out there, but where will you start from if you want to choose the best? To narrow down your selection, we’ve put together a list that contains the five best affordable games in 2020 that cost less than $20 or less.

Action or warfare games are widespread among PC gamers. This War of Mine is one of the best affordable games in 2020 that you can try right now. It differentiates itself, putting civilians at the forefront. The main characters are ordinary civilians who try to make it through the challenging situation around them and survive from an enemy faction. This War of Mine offers a great storyline that isn’t common in most warfare games in the market today.

Yakuza O reveals the story of Kiryu and Majima in the late 1980s. This game serves as a prequel to the other six series of Yakuza games. It’s packed with action and adventure, and it is one of the games to play at the moment. The game also fractionalized the rebirths of Tokyo’s Kabukichō and Osaka’s Dōtonbori areas, respectively. However, the price of the Yakuza O game is below $20.

The Metal Gear Solid V comes as a prologue to the real Metal Gear game. It is essential to know that this edition is the last game Hideo Kojima created after breaking up with Konami. There is no doubt that Metal Gear Solid V still has its masterclass stealth action. It is a game that allows you to tackle objectives the way you like. The Phantom Pain may not be the best in the Metal Gear series, but it isn’t bad either.

Borderlands 2 is a must-play game, even though Borderlands 3 is now trendy. Borderland 2 is still making the rounds because it is a fantastic game. This game is packed with humor, guns, thus finishing the genre that Gearbox restored after a single release. Throughout this game, your mission is to take down the leader of the evil Hyperion corporation, Handsome Jack. Different quests will lead you to Handsome Jack, but it is not a boring game to play. It also essential to note that Borderlands 2 is always a premiere title on Steam.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a great game, and it hashidden lore out of the prominent MMORPGs, which results in some of the biggest events that the genre has ever witnessed. However, Elder Scrolls has everything you might need in an action-packed game – from assignation contracts to the epic fifty-player dragon battles. Nevertheless, this game has no subscription fee, and it is one of the best cheap games under $20 today.

Final Words

There are tons of affordable games out there, but it all comes down to getting the best out of them. The best affordable games in 2020 that have been listed here are not only cheap but interesting to play.

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