Sony has always been committed to ensuring that gamers get powerful gaming consoles year-after-year.  It earlier made the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 before introducing the PlayStation 4. It is essential to know that good cheap games Ps4 on this list cost less than $20, but they are still top-notch and give you the best experience on the PlayStation platform. However, if you recently purchased a PlayStation 4 console, here are five good cheap PS4 games that you can try right now.

Bloodborne combines both fantasy and horror, and it is one of the good cheap games Ps4on this list. Bloodborne is particularly suited for gamers that love action, adventure, and suspense. This exciting game gives you a good feel and expedition about the ancient city of Yharnan. This game follows the player’s character – a hunter whose inhabitants in Yharnan are afflicted with a blood-borne disease. As the character, you are expected to discover the plague’s source and hidden mysteries in the city while fighting beasts. You can choose your own story and make some decisions in the game. Bloodborne has powerful cinematic graphics that give an intuitive detail in itsmedieval environment.

Viral animal memes inspire Fight of Animals. This game is also an action-packed one that puts animals in a street-fighting showdown. Furthermore, Fight of Animals is a 2D game, which means that you will have only move back and forth in the best possible way to attack, block, and win opponents. However, there is a great combo system incorporated with the silly visuals, which means that it may take time to get some time to understand the game’s rudiments. But once you start challenging your opponents, you will be able to become a top hunter. Play the game’s arcade mode to compete with others online.

Detroit: Become Human is one of the best games yet from the Paris-based studio, and it is very cheap to purchase. This game, with strong characters, tells the story through threeprotagonists of which you can control. This game’s results depend on your decisions; you will encourage play-throughs to know each story’s outcome.

Resident Evil is one of the best horror games to play on PlayStation 4. In this game, you have to defeat beasts and monsters that come to kill you. You will have to choose the right weapons to defeat these monsters and creatures. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is suspense-filled, and you will enjoy every part of it.

Deus EX is one of the most breath-taking games ever on PlayStation 4. Like the movie Blade Runner, it has really redefined the cyberpunk genre’s vibes and aesthetics. This game is all about the main character Agent Adam Jensen. He finds himself in Prague, and he must use his skills and weapons to reveal a terrorist conspiracy in the city.

Final Words

PlayStation 4 games are packed with so much fun and graphics, but most are very expensive to purchase. This article shows five good cheap games Ps4 that offer so much fun. With these games, you will save so much money and still get lots of excitement.

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