Video games can be costly to purchase,even though some provide the best value-per-dollar for entertainment.

However, if you have a tight budget, there are ways that you can buy cheap games. The first step is to stop ordering games; the second step is to wait for deals. You may not always have the opportunity to buy new releases, but video games cost less. With that in mind, here are the five best sites to buy a low price game in 2020.

CheapShark reveals the prices of games to online retailers and gamers. If price is your criterion, then this site is top-notch. It shows the cheapest games. It offersprice notificationsthat allow you to know the price of a game in real-time, and when there is a price change.

It is also essential to know that CheapShark also has a listing page for deals with a fascinating sorting measure known as “Deal Rating.” This measure considers different factors such as Metascore, release date, and absolute price to understand how the deal on a game is.

Is There Any Deal is another place to compare video game deals. However, this site is one of the best spots to buy a low price game in 2020All you need to do is search for the game you want and view all the deals.

Is There Any Deal gives users alert on the price point of games and when the price drops. Furthermore, you will get the price history of games and if the current price of games is better in terms of the deal or not.

The Humble Bundle is also one site where you can get a lot of games for cheap. This site started as a discounted collection of video games, and it now includes AAA game titles and the best cheap games available in the market.

Fanatical is one of the online stores with deep discounts on the latest and the best games. It sells PC and Steam games. Not only that, it also sells cheap Switch and 3DS games. Fanatical games’ prices are reasonable, and the site holds flash deals and even lower prices for gamers. It is necessary to take a quick look at its bundles, where you will find similar games at a discounted price.

Daily Game Deals has its functionality perfectly worked out. Although it may not have the straightforward navigability that other sites have, it is the perfect place to get cheap games. Daily Game deals is also a blog that publishes one post per day. Each daily post covers a massive roundup of great gaming deals from different websites.

The deals on this site come from retailers, Newegg, Gamefly, Amazon, and many more. To get updated on the latest deals, all you need to do is to sign up for the daily newsletter and get notified of the latest deals right in your inbox.


There are no doubts that these sites can get you a great bargain on games you want to play. However, these are the best sites where you can buy a low price game in 2020. Most of them would allow you to sign in so that you won’t miss alerts and newsletters on deals and bargains.

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