A gaming setup is incomplete without a gaming case but most of these cases are very expensive for some people. That’s why we are here with the most affordable gaming PC cases that you can purchase right now to complete your gaming setup.

You do not have to go with those premium looks with expensive price tags because there are some better options available at relatively lower price points. So, let’s jump right into our best cheap gaming case choices for this article.

#1:  Cougar MX330

Cougar is certainly one of the biggest manufacturers of best gaming PC casings. They make both expensive and affordable casings for different ranges of clients. This MX330 model by cougar is probably one of their best casings for mid-tower setup. This casing features a glass side panel and front side is also made from breathable material to keep your GPU and processor cool. This is not a flashy casing, however, you can easily set up your RGB lighting in this casing that will look beautiful through the transparent glass side panel. The price of this casing falls somewhere around $40 which makes it one of the most affordable yet durable PC casings on our list.

#2: Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L

Cooler Master is pretty much an affordable brand that specializes in power supplies, cooling solutions and of course PC casings. The MasterBox Q300L is one of their most affordable casing that comes with a minimalistic design. It is a mini-tower case that features a side glass panel. The front side of this case has an elegant design while port setup is on the side of this case. The casing comes with a built-in real fan and it can accomodate 6 total fans to keep temperatures maintained. This casing will also cost you only $40, if you try to find the most optimal price.

#3: Corsair Carbide 100R

This is one of the most elegant, clean and affordable gaming PC cases currently available in the market. Corsair is well-known for it’s stylish, clean and minimalistic gaming equipment that you’ll find nowhere else. The Carbide 100R is the best example of their clean design. The steel frame on this casing is very much durable and it can last you for many years. Carbide 100R also features a side panel that allows you to see all the RGB lights in your PC. This mid-tower case gives you an aesthetic feel that keeps your gaming setup clean, away from any mess. The two USB and Audio ports can also be seen at the front side with a Corsair logo at front-bottom. The Carbide 100R only costs you $50 that you can grab on Amazon or from a local retailer.

#4: Thermaltake Versa H18

Thermaltake is not far away in PC casing games, they have indeed one of the best casing lineups. Versa H18 is one of their small casings that is perfect for compact spaces. Moreover, it supports both MicroATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. You can set up five fans in this casing to keep temperatures maintained, however, casing only comes with one of it’s pre-installed fans. The exterior design is not boring unlike other casings and it’s pretty much durable as well. The price of this casing falls around $50. It is indeed one of the most affordable gaming PC cases that can even fit in a small space.

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