There are millions of games out there made for different platforms including Android, iOS, and PC. Today we are specifically going to talk about the best cheap games on PC that are being played worldwide. Many of these games are multiplayer which means you can enjoy them with your friends online.

Moreover, these games are available on different gaming platforms like Steam, etc. You can easily purchase them your PayPal, credit, or debit card. So without further ado, let’s have a look at our best selection of cheap PC games that everyone should try once.

#1: Among Us

You might be already aware of this game that has taken the whole Internet. There are normally 4 to 10 players in a single game and there is an imposter among those players. The theme of this game revolves around finding an imposter who secretly murders different players. All players vote after a dead player is spotted.

Players communicate with each other through voice and they try to vote down the imposter based on their own insights. The players also have to complete different tasks in the ship and in between, they have to keep an eye on other players to spot the imposter among them. The good thing about this game is that you can run it even on a very low-end PC because it only needs 1 GB RAM and 250 MBs of storage. The game currently costs $2.99 USD on Steam. Buy it now and let the fun begin.

#2: Gunpoint

The game is a perfect mixture of stealth, comedy, and puzzling. You are a Spy in this game who tries to break through different buildings by taking out the guards in a funny way. The Spy has a number of equipment to climb the wall and kill people.

Crosslink is the most basic gadget that you get at a starting stage. You fly from building to building in a Spiderman style and you have to plan different things based on certain scenarios to successfully complete the spying missions that will ultimately move you to the next round. The game only costs you $10 USD which is a fair price for this cheap game for pc.

#3: Microsoft Flight Simulator

This amazing simulation game comes in the best cheap steam games category. The idea of this game is to provide a full HD 4K flight experience to its players. If you have ever wondered to fly a plane then you are absolutely going to love this flight simulator game. Unlike android flight simulators, this game is entirely different and the developers have paid attention to every detail so that Xbox users can enjoy it in full resolution. Just turn off the lights and play it on a 4K screen to get the best out of it.

#4: Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2

We all have played Pac-Man at some points in our lives but have you ever tried a new and more realistic addition of this game where the ghosts are still dangerous but the game dynamics are much better. This classic game makes you experience Nostalgia. This game is probably going to refresh your memory because it provides you the best experience you can expect from it. The concept is still the same as our classic Pac-man. It is certainly one of the best cheap games for pc.

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