It’s a little bit difficult to find cheap games for PS4. But here we are mentioning some good cheap games for Ps4.

Ps4 (PlayStation 4) is a specially designed system similar to PC to play high-quality games. It comes in different models and rates, So you can purchase according to your favoritism. However, the main issue of playing games on PS4 arises due to its costly games.

Different game developers like UbiSoft, EA, etc. are now making good cheap games for ps4. Now, you can enjoy the best games with respect to their quality and fun at cheap rates. Here we are going to mention a list of the best and cheap games for ps4 to play right now. So, try to read out some of our reviews regarding each of these games. As this article going to help you a lot in this respect, so keep engaged and let’s move toward our list;

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

All gamers know very well that resident evil is the best horror game to play on a bigger screen using ps4. After getting popularity and success from its previous parts. Its developers have developed this good cheap gamesfor ps4 to play easily in horrifying buildings. In this part, huge monsters will come and kill you. To survive you will have astonishing weapons, but all you need is the courage to defeat. Believe me, this game is going to be a greater fun part of your gaming experience. And it’s the cost is 14$, which you can purchase from any site. Imagine for the moment that you are inside the game and defeating monsters.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best action-adventure games that have high graphics quality. Its the price is 18$ and it may vary according to certain deals and packages on certain sites. It’s the best game in which a brave warrior fights to save his beloved one from machine type monsters. This game is the masterpiece of the art genre.

Until dawn

Until dawn is a horror and fully developed plot game in which you have to fight all night at night. It is developed under a story of psycho attack through murder and to survive you have to wait for the sunrise. Due to its most developed night, the scariest moments came when murders attacked you certainly. Its price is 10$ which is too cheap to buy in the Ps4 series games.

Shadow of War

It is a beautiful action role-playing game specially developed based on the story of the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. Here you need to fight to save your country and defeat evils. the price is 15$ and comes with extreme players and characters in the game. Hopefully, you will enjoy it.

Rise of Tomb Raider

Myself personally a big fan of the Tomb Raider series due to its extreme adventure. This is one of the good cheap games for ps4 to play and enjoy the adventure map. A successful celebration of its all parts is Rise of Tomb Raider and its price is 20$ which is cheaper as compared to the game.


Using Ps4 for playing games is the best way of finding fun and graphics. However, as I mentioned games are costly. So, you can purchase any of our prescribed games by reading its description. But keep searching before purchasing any game, because most games have dull and boring stories. So, selecting one by reading a description would be fine to save your money. In my opinion, Resident Evil is cheap and the best game to play on ps4.

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